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Put Priorities Into Things You Want to Matter

 What are our values and priorities? This week, we’re focusing on registering to and voting, being good stewards and we’re joined by Vice Mayor Joe Cobb...

By Team ColorsVA / September 27, 2019

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Taking Care of Community

 Taking care of community takes the community. Closings and furloughs, the unintended costs of healthcare and suicide prevention are community issues. But first,...

By Team ColorsVA / September 12, 2019

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Community and Relationships

 Building community and relationships is important. In Roanoke, the ongoing discussion of Evans Springs and what it means for a community is important....

By Team ColorsVA / September 5, 2019

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Grow With or Grow Apart

 In a week where we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, learned of the Roanoke City Police Chief’s retirement and children went back to school we have to ask the question,...

By Team ColorsVA / August 29, 2019

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Nurturing Healthy Communities

 What makes a community healthy? In this week’s conversation, we talk about transparency, food insecurity and food deserts. Robert, Catherine, Karen and Will...

By Team ColorsVA / August 22, 2019

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Fear of the Other

 In our final episode of the season, Robert, Jose, Karen, and Catherine...

By Team ColorsVA / April 18, 2019

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How Do We Address the Real Issues?

 How do we address the issues related to drug culture? How do we address...

By Team ColorsVA / April 4, 2019

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What’s the Common Demoninator?

 The trauma of the mass shootings on survivors can be crippling. The state...

By Team ColorsVA / March 28, 2019

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Women Shaping Our Future

 History month, join guest moderator Karen Jones with Catherine Koebel...

By Team ColorsVA / March 21, 2019

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Who Do We Hold Accountable?

 The idea of achieving equity and holding people accountable is can be something...

By Team ColorsVA / March 14, 2019

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Is A Culture Shift Is Needed?

 Changing positions to match the shifts in our culture and society is hard. In this...

By Team ColorsVA / March 7, 2019

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Let's Get It Together

 Robert, Catherine, Will and guest Karen share thoughts on the ERA, continued...

By Team ColorsVA / February 28, 2019

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Money's Influence

 Robert along with Ryan, Catherine, Will and Jose discuss the continuing Northam saga,...

By Team ColorsVA / February 21, 2019

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Listen & Learn

 Robert along with Ryan, Catherine, Will and Jose discuss the continuing Northam saga,...

By Team ColorsVA / February 14, 2019

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The Image of Changing Times

 Robert Jeffrey along with Jose Banuelos, Ryan Bell, Catherine Koebel, and William Sellari...

By Team ColorsVA / February 7, 2019

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What’s In Store for 2019

 Robert Jeffrey and a group of community advocates discuss  an array of issues from the effects...

By Team ColorsVA / February 4, 2019

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Introducing Our Voices, Our Community

 ColorsVA presents Our Voices, Our Community. A weekly podcast to explore the political, social...

By Team ColorsVA / January 31, 2019




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